Lynn Liu

St. Catharines & Niagara Falls Region Manager


Meet Lynn Liu

Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese

Lynn was born and raised in China, relocating to England in 2009 to study at the University of Manchester where she graduated with an Honours BA in Business and Marketing from the Manchester Business School in 2012.

After graduation, Lynn moved to Canada to further her studies in the Niagara region. She first started working at Inniskillin Winery where she made exceptional sales records. After meeting her husband, Dave, they settled in the Niagara region where they now raise their family. It was actually her husband’s career in real estate that inspired Lynn to enter the industry herself, and she has been incredibly successful ever since, having obtained her broker license in 2020.

Lynn specializes in agricultural properties, especially greenhouses, though she has extensive expertise with commercial and residential real estate as well. Her professionalism, positive attitude, and commitment to clients are a few of her many strengths. Along with her multilingual abilities, Lynn’s warm nature and approachable personality have helped her build a large international clientele.

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